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We Believe In Our Products

Green Lotus Hemp is a Colorado based company started by Texas natives in 2016. At " Green Lotus Hemp " we stand behind our products. Our founders collectively have over 25 years in the cannabis industry as cultivators in the state of California under prop 215 and SB 420. We know what good cannabis is and for us it all starts in the garden with the hemp plants. Our hemp is grown in Colorado pursuant to the Farm Bill of 2014 sec 7606. Our company is conducting research with two Texas State Accredited universities on the growth , cultivation, marketing , economic impact , legality , and different genetic varieties of industrial hemp. We grow medicinal hemp genetics where as most of our competitors grow feral hemp genetics. We follow the practice of only extracting from properly grown, dried, and cured hemp. All of our products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility by our PHD organic chemist. From seed to bottle you can expect a boutique product that will stand out above the rest. Go with one of our products like Green Lotus and never look back.

The Fields In Colorado
These beautiful 20 acers of farm built compliant hemp are ready to bloom and produce the material that we use for our hemp extracts. 

  1. Colorado Grown
    Colorado Grown
  2. Fresh ingredients
    Fresh ingredients
  3. Infused just for you
    Infused just for you
  4. Experience the benefits
    Experience the benefits
  5. Feel the healing power of hemp
    Feel the healing power of hemp
  6. Premium quality
    Premium quality
  7. Made just for you
    Made just for you